Aircon Lab Always Delivers

Aircon Lab will always ensure peace of mind by providing the right solution for all your air conditioning problems as we sell and serve all major brands in the market. Our policy is to ensure delight with our customer service whether it is before the job, during the job or after the job.

Machine innovation has undergone a revolution of changes over the last few years. With new laws being enforced in building energy efficiency machines, electronic equipment needs to be upgraded regularly, especially those in commercial use. With a wrong solution or unit, you may end up with machines incurring steep electricity costs but not delivering on occupant comfort. A carelessly thought out solution may end up in you being responsible for a highly expensive unit with respect to the environment. Aircon Lab is known for its reliable and systematic approach to providing commercial air conditioning services in Australia.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Efficient conditioning and minimal energy consumption are the two aspects that define what influences your choice while choosing a commercial air conditioning system. Aircon Lab offers a perfect optimal blend of these two aspects, minimizing your power bills consumed while giving top priority to occupant (employees or customers) comfort. With an enriching experience on the job for many years, we have met business owners who were confused by the advantages and disadvantages of different cooling units. Should it be a split system or a window unit, or a centralized cooling system? What size do they need for my commercial building? If you are one such owner who has worry lines creeping up over the best air conditioning to set up, get in touch with us. Your concerns will vanish with our high ROI solutions that will be both powerful and energy efficient.

Our experienced team will tailor an innovative and future proof solution, whether it is a brand new installation or a retrofit for an existing plant, within your budget. Our electrical design team is well experienced in designing commercial and domestic air conditioning. From VRV units, ducted units, package units and even BMS systems, Aircon Lab can do the job right the first time, every time.

Why Aircon Lab?

We offer the right blend of services you need to keep your commercial air conditioning system working well into the future.

  • One stop solution – Make that one phone call to us for all your problems – from installation of new systems to retrofits, maintenance and servicing, we do it all.
  • Future proof solutions – We build solutions for the long run, bringing significant savings in energy and maintenance costs. We update our solutions to adapt to new technologies in commercial air conditioning.
  • Customized solutions – Your requirements, budgets and our experience go into a tailored, systematically enacted commercial air conditioning solution.

About Us

Aircon Lab is an Australian company proudly owned and operated from Queensland. Our level of service and workmanship are lauded by our current customers. Our established network of customers offers their confidence in us by recommending us to friends and colleagues.