At Aircon Lab, we truly know everything that is to be known about Air Conditioning. We supply, install, repair and maintain your Air Conditioning units in industrial or residential setup. We keep updating over selves with the latest developments in air conditioning technology. Our staff is always well trained through staff gradation workshops which happen periodically in our organization .

Aircon Lab has the vision to provide workmanship for service and repair of air conditioners, second to none. We sell as well as provide service of many brands of air conditioners. Customer service at any time is top priority for us and we follow this as a policy so that our customers are happy with us at all times.

Schedule service and maintenance to avoid repairs:

An Air Conditioning unit whether it is split type or ducted has many mechanical and electrical components just like a car. So when you service your car which you use in all climatic conditions regularly, don’t you have to maintain your Air Conditioning unit too?

Yes, even your air conditioner operates in extreme climate conditions, and when not serviced properly may lead to breakdown and repairs when you need it most.

While you can clean the air condition filter yourself regularly for every season, it has other components too which needs qualified technicians to service it.

  • The Air Conditioning drain needs to be flushed out;
  • The refrigerant used in your unit may need to be checked if it is low;
  • Any electrical components if loose may need to be tightened;
  • The zone motors, ductworks all needs to be inspected if there are any repairs;
  • The balance in air flow at residential and industrial spaces should be checked.

For all these, you need qualified and experienced technicians and that is what Aircon Lab provides. Our technicians are well trained that even the tiniest details won’t miss their eyes.

What makes Aircon Lab different from others?

We know our job best. We have great work ethics and strong technical skills second to none in the industry in Brisbane. Choose us because,

  • We deal with different brands of Air Conditioning units. We install, service and maintain them.
  • At all times – before, during or after service to customers have always been our priority.
  • Based on your requirements we offer suggestions and services that suit your exact needs.
  • We are affordable and open to negotiations.
  • Anytime, anywhere you can call us 24/7 when emergency situations arises and we will provide you with timely help and service.
  • With our efficient service and maintenance, your air conditioner will function for many years giving you a good return on your investment.

We at Aircon Lab undertake service, maintenance and repairs of centralised, window and split Air Conditioning unit. We are a one stop solution to all your Air Conditioning needs in Brisbane, and once you get in touch with us, you no longer have to worry about your air conditioners and can be assured of your cooling solutions all through the year.