Specialized and well-equipped in air conditioning products for commercial and residential purposes, Aircon Lab has set their trademark in the air conditioning installation front. A pioneer, leader and reliable establishment, we deliver quality air conditioning systems across Brisbane.

Air Conditioning Installation: Our Genre Of Expertise, Explained

Apart from providing air conditioning installation in Brisbane, we also reiterate on the fact that a well-maintained and serviced AC gives you the joy of a comfortable indoor. Accumulation of dust and contaminants can cause dust allergy and an unhealthy environment for your family. Therefore, we take the fullest effort with the help of our panel of support engineers to maintain and service your AC, who will do the following for you:

  • Schedule maintenance for your AC
  • Spare you off costly breakdowns
  • Offer cost effective breakdown solutions for your AC
  • Provide quality air conditioning installation and maintenance
  • Plan unique solutions for domestic and industrial buildings

Quality Check – Our First Step To Success

Aircon Lab: the marketing we do for our brand does not just end with brand management. We ensure quality and perfection in every step we take. The first step to perfection, according to our experience is delivering quality ACs. To achieve this aim, our well-experienced staff is constantly upgrading their skills with the help of manufacture’s training .

What Do We Offer?

Take a glance at what we offer, right here:

We take these extra steps of precaution and deliver our best simply because we believe in the preventive approach than petty issues getting snowballed into huger ones during a crucial breakdown.

Why Is Air Conditioning Servicing And Maintenance So Important?

If you have a faulty air conditioning system installed for your space, your power consumption can mount up like never before! Also, a tiny issue might later puff up into a major fault if unattended to, and might cause a huge commitment for you. Well maintained ACs make your life easier and ours too!

Also, inefficient cooling systems randomly increase the humidity of your interiors and make your living space very uncomfortable.

Why Choose Aircon Lab?

All about the installation and maintenance said and done, let us tell you a bit about the benefits of choosing us over other air conditioning installation experts in Brisbane.

To start with, we offer very flexible maintenance plans which are customized both for you and your utility space. Going forward, we ensure that your ACs are maintained well – if still misfortune knocks down your AC, we will hit your doorstep to provide emergency air conditioning service.

Next, our technicians who will support and maintain your AC are well-trained and well-equipped with technology training that happen very regularly as a part of in house training program of our company. This training imparts them with the knowledge of advancements in the industrial and residential air conditioning technology to in turn deliver expertise to our customers. Also, we house high-quality equipment to repair and service the faulty units.