What is unlimited web hosting?

Unlimited website hosting, a package that most web hosting companies dangle at you is so appealing that you’d just want a byte of it. If you have plans of expanding your business and with that your website, unlimited hosting really would seem like the way to go for you. Most unlimited plans claim to offer unlimited databases, email, domain hosting and more but mainly refer to an unlimited volume of disk storage and bandwidth. So, in a way you think you have the freedom to host as many web pages as you want at a nominal price – Amazing right? But there are a few things you should know about the plan to ensure that you are making an informed decision.

The Australian web hosting business is an extremely competitive one and among the lure tactics used by hosting companies the most overused is the “unlimited web hosting service”


How is unlimited hosting possible?

Most big companies have ridiculously huge web hosting capabilities that will never be used up by a single website. Even when using a limited plan, very few customers use more than half of the space provided and so an Australian web hosting company knows it can offer this seemingly unlimited service because it is only in the very rare case that they would have to deliver on the promise. Most websites use extremely little resources on a day to day basis thereby never really consuming all of the resources they are entitled to. These unused resources are then sold by hosting companies to others. Although this may seem dishonest, it does not mean that the hosting company won’t provide you with the service you signed up for.

Is unlimited web hosting for you?

The important thing is finding a web host that offers a product they can actually back-up, be it more hosting space or bandwidth.

There are two ways to know if it works for you.

  1. Sign up with the host, see if it works for you and if it doesn’t, cancel your subscription before the trial period ends.
  2. You could also rely on independent reviews of these hosting companies and their offers.
  3. Another thing to do would be to check the hosting company’s Terms of service – there will most likely be a note as to what unlimited really entails.

So while these unlimited plans offer many free facilities like unlimited space and domains, do keep in mind that the server performances might be limited. Therefore, if you decide to go for an unlimited plan choose one from a reliable company, one that gives you quality in terms of service, support and performance.