The importance of air conditioning

Indoor climatic conditions influence the mood, health and productivity of people who live or work in there. Aircon Lab ensures comfortable, healthy interiors with a clean positive ambiance owing to its strong expertise in air conditioning systems. From Aircon Lab, you will get a complete end to end solution to your air conditioning needs.

Installation and Maintenance

Well maintained and serviced air conditioning units deliver a pleasing and comfortable indoor setting in your Brisbane home or office for a long time. At Aircon Lab, we avoid the unnecessary hassles in your cooling systems with our air conditioning maintenance services. Proper servicing and maintenance make sure you have a healthy environment for residents.

Ever increasing contaminants in the air and the nature of air conditioning has necessitated a regular checkup of your air conditioning unit. Scheduled maintenance can also prevent costly breakdowns and downtime to units. It’s just like servicing your car to keep it running efficiently. Our qualified mechanics cools down hot situations by providing cost effective breakdown solutions. With Aircon Lab Brisbane systems, we guarantee quality air conditioning systems, installation and maintenance.

Our staff uses the lates in aircon tech, and we are constantly upgrading our skills by receiving training from the manufacturers making us one step ahead of the curve in commercial and residential air conditioning technologies.

Hassle free services

South East Queensland’s weather conditions can be somewhat extreme that you may need to air condition your office or family home to ensure year-round comfort. There is a growing demand for air conditioners from both domestic and industrial buildings in Brisbane. Marketing gimmicks can really confuse you, not to mention the wide variety of manufactures and different types of units available. How can you make sure that your individual needs will be taken care of? Using the best units for home air conditioning systems, ducted or not, is our unique guarantee.

Why choose Aircon Lab?

At Aircon Lab, we are backed by strong technical skills and great work ethics, to specialize in air conditioners.

  • We work with all major brands and provide upgrades, installation, servicing and maintenance
  • Priority customer service – before, after and during the job
  • Personalized service – Your precise requirements dictate our suggestions and services
  • Cost effective services – you can choose to negotiate with us
  • Emergency services – We are available on call 24 × 7, call us anytime
  • Protect your investment – Your air conditioners will work efficiently for years with our care and support

We provide residential and commercial air conditioning services. We undertake servicing, installation and maintenance of all kinds of cooling systems – central air conditioners, split and window units. Work with us and you will come back to us again and again for anything related to your office or home cooling systems.