Looking for air conditioning experts in Raby Bay?

Welcome to Aircon Lab, with staff all over Brisbane (we could be in Raby Bay right now), we’re the go-to experts for affordable and effective air conditioning solutions. We specialise in everything from brand/model choice, to installation, maintenance, and air conditioning repairs.

Our experienced staff are trained in the latest models to make sure you get the aircon solution that fits your property & budget! With an unmatched attention to detail and great after service support, we know how to make our customers happy!

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We are specialists in air conditioning design, installation, and repairs/maintenance, and are probably the best you can find in Raby Bay (not to toot our own horn of course). The massive amount of satisfied customers stand testimony.

Whether you are looking to install an air conditioning unit for your Raby Bay house with minimal disturbance to the structure and appearance, or for an energy efficient and extremely comfortable solution to impress your customers, We can help. We truly are the one stop solution for all your air conditioning requirements. We provide free consultation services, during which we visit your premises in Raby Bay, assess your needs and suggest the best solution. The good news is that Aircon Lab professionals continue the same level of exemplary services during the installation, and after the job is done. Our services translate into happy customers, which is our primary focus!

What We Do

  • Installation – Whether it is a single unit or a split unit or a duct system, we use the best brands/models that suit the customers’ individual needs. We are experts in both residential and commercial installations.
  • Aircon Maintenance – Whether it is our installation or an existing installation which needs re-design and maintenance, we can provide the best service.
  • Service and Repairs – We have highly skilled technicians who are regularly exposed and trained in the newest models and aircon-tech, and advanced equipment to detect and repair the faults in your air conditioning system.
  • Regular Periodic Maintenance – With minimal disruption to your routine we can carry out the scheduled periodic maintenance which ensures continuous operation of your units and prevents failures.

There are two unique aspects that make us stand out from the rest. The first one is the fact that we operate on the principle of providing an extremely efficient, prompt and complete support after sales and installation. The second unique aspect derives from the first. In order to provide such high degree of support, we maintain a fleet of highly skilled technicians.

We have invested heavily in our personnel and the equipment that we use. Our technicians are regularly trained for our skill gradation and to be familiar with the new and the latest air conditioning models. With expert technicians like ours, add the advanced equipment, it can can only mean one thing… quality service and nothing else!

Call Us on 07 3062 6834 (tap to call)